Thinking Out Loud

Any suggestions for a game series to play start to finish?  I don’t mind the age of the game…it can be as early as Arcade, Atari, Commodore, etc. for what it’s worth (although I guess it would depend on me having access to the title).  I’m not aiming to have this completed in weeks or even a few months, so I’m open to all ideas.

Obvious choices I suppose would be something like Metroid or Zelda (torn on whether to include the truly awful CDi games for that one…) and I suppose I could revisit Fallout or even The Elder Scrolls (ha!).

I feel that I’m in need a new ‘completist’ challenge to sink my teeth in to and I’m feeling a little ambitious.  If you have any suggestions, just comment on this post, tweet or use the Ask box :) all welcome!